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True Freedom requires the development of innovative methods to solve everyday needs and wants. The best ideas not only help you grow but also improve the lives of many others around you. For the research, discovery and innovation of great ideas that create Freedom, the Freedom Nation has established Freedom Labs. Freedom Labs is not a clean lab with white coats and arbitrary test subjects. Quite the contrary, Freedom Labs is a 2 acre living lab, where the founders of the Freedom Nation live full-time. Call it the ultimate experiment in how to eat your own dog food.

Freedom Labs uses a lean development and testing process that encourages rapid development of a minimal viable product, quick resolution and pivoting on ideas and early testing with end users. Every Freedom Nation business started in the Freedom Labs and was later scaled to serve the larger public and the internal needs of the Freedom Nation. Some of our active experiments are listed below


Active Ideas in the Lab


Idea #16: has the opportunity to revolutionize the way see acquiring their needs. By

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Idea #10: Shipping Hardwood

A 40' Shipping container of hardwood should net 130,000 USD + if the wood is sold direct

If the wood is converted into furniture then the return should be 400% higher. Regardless of the

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Date: 20.08.2014

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