The Principles of Freedom

A thorough collection of findings on how to obtain and maintain true freedom organized and written by Faruq Hunter

In the summer of 2011, while on a business development trip to Moldova and Romania, Mr. Hunter noticed that many of the resources that people needed to develop a free and prosperous life lay beneath their feet and beside or within their villages and homes. However, the promise of an easy solution provided in the form of grants, loans, jobs, subsidies and aid capitalized the efforts of the people and seized the use of the people’s resources. A practice that for all purposes seemed to be counter productive to providing freedom to the people; given that all donor and lending efforts require some form of repayment.

In the pursuit of a better solution to poverty, economic decline, forced subjugation and social deterioration, Mr. Hunter spent over 3 years travelling through every continent, read hundreds of text and interviewed hundreds of political, thought, spiritual and economic leaders to derive the Principles of Freedom. The book is meant to adjust the perspective of those seeking economic and social freedom and align them with the responsibilities that are required when aspiring to achieve true freedom.

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