Developing and implementing a new model for personal and economic growth.

A Very Unique Company Building a Unique Vision For the Future

Freedom Village is a 205 Acre Maker’s town built exclusively for makers, innovators, artists and creatives by makers, innovators, artists and creatives. 1 hour from the 3rd largest port in the US and the busiest airport in the world, Freedom Village is set in a county that has created the legal leeway that makers need to live a lifestyle of experimentation, growth and freedom. The entire town produces its own electricity, water and natural gas on an internally developed distributed energy production Smart Grid.


Freedom Village features will include hi-speed WiFi throughout for all residents, a 50,000 square foot collaborative work-space, a 15 acre heirloom organic farm and 10 acre Ranch for supplying food to its on-site Farmer’s market, restaurants, bakeries and butchers, a 300,000 square foot maker’s center, 100,000 square foot of maker’s office spaces, a 2 acre soccer complex, 500,000 square feet of retail/multi-family homes and 1,000,000 square feet of planned houses and multi-famliy Condos and co-living spaces.


The Maker village is built on the 2015 released book – The Principles of Freedom, and is set as the primary economic engine for one of the top 100 poorest counties in the United States. Fully funded by Freedom Nation, every building in the town is built with compressed earth block technology that has been perfected over the past 40 years by the UNESCO seat on earthen building in Auroville, India. The earth is collected on-site from a site that will later become a park and 5 acre lake for residents. All structural and decorative wood is milled on-site from the hardwoods and softwoods on the property and all glass is rolled on site from the sands on the property.


Surrounded by over 498 Square miles of beautifully wooded land and lakes, Freedom Builders broke ground in 2016 and start interviewing residents in January of 2016 as well.


Over 97% of the United State’s land mass is comprised of small rural towns. Many of the small towns are failing do to the export of manufacturing capabilities to off-shore facilities. Urbanization has been accelerated over the last 10 years and is projected to continue to accelerate as people abandon the rural lifestyle for opportunities in over-crowded and unequipped urban cities throughout the US. This mass transference of people is not only unsustainable but is also a contributor to extending the slums and asseverating the conditions of the poorest Americans. It also creates unsustainable stress on our power grids, water supplies and other public utilities and services.


From the President of the United States to the local makerspace, the recognition of the Maker movement is known to be a powerful enabler of economic development and the rejuvenation of the United States manufacturing capabilities. Freedom Village provides the physical and legal environment to allow maker’s to create and collaborate freely while having access to major modes of transportation and distribution to push a wave of new home grown ideas back into the US and the world. Beyond a simple Makerspace, Freedom Village is an environment for full immersion and neighborly collaboration. This constant proximity of great and similar minds has proven time and time again to produce the highest results. Set in the 70th poorest county in the US, Freedom Village is a model for how to rejuvenate the small rural American town.


All of the infrastructure in Freedom Village is built by their division, Freedom Builders. Acting as a traditional developer, residential and commercial units are for sell. With over 2,000,000 square feet of planned space, the building methods and unique offerings of the village allow for the sale of real property at $200 – $400 per square foot.


The village’s smart utilities’ grid, security and public services are monitored and managed within a 20,000 square foot operational control Center that is operated by Freedom Nation and paid for through an annual residential membership fee.


In addition, Freedom Village utilizes the village as its operational center for the research, development and production of various products for internal use and export out of the village to neighboring and international markets.


Finally, Freedom Nation is establishing an internal banking system for the circulation and management of an internal currency that is based on the overall production of the village’s residents. The bank allows every resident to have a share in the businesses of each resident without encroaching on the individuality of any resident. When the businesses within the village are collectively successful, the bank and the residents benefit financially.


The Freedom Nation team is made of active program managers, economic development professionals, software engineers and makers. prior to launching the Freedom Village the team spent 30 months travelling through 46 countries to learn and discover best practices for innovation, economic development, city management and complete internationally recognized training courses for building and manufacturing. The team has not borrowed any money and instead has completely funded the development through personal contributions.


In addition to our founders there are a number of team members with extensive backgrounds in the many disciplines necessary to execute and maintain the Freedom Village project. Freedom Village also relies on a network of innovative leaders that have been developed over the past three years, throughout the United States and over 62 other countries.