At the Freedom Labs we have been burning our non-organic trash for over 3 years. It has always been a goal to do more with the energy that is released during this process. In addition, our lumber production processes leaves us with several smaller branches. This year we have decided to use this waste processing to produce several products for greater use. 1) We will make charcoal from the branches on the fire. 2) While the charcoal is being produced, we will capture the smoke in a distilling process in order to make liquid smoke. 3) We will use the coal in our forge and foundry for shaping various metals. 4) We will use the ash to create lye. 5) We will use the lye to make soaps. 6) we will use the leftover ash to augment out composts and help grow our vegetables.


By harnessing energy derived from burning trash and waste from our lumber milling process we can create at least 5 useful products: Charcoal, Liquid Smoke, Lye, Soap and Biochar.