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Luxury Off the Grid Homes Built From Local Building Materials Manufactured On-Site

Freedom Builders is Freedom Nation’s infrastructure building division. Dedicated to building environments that allow its inhabitants to live a free and sustainable lifestyle, Freedom Builders brings the knowledge and the expertise of 100s of years of natural building techniques from around the world to the maker/home buyer. Freedom Builders uses modernized locally appropriate development technologies to create individual homes and Freedom Villages. Currently Freedom Builders is actively building in Freedom Village Georgia and targeting a second Freedom Village in Morocco that will break ground in January 2018.

A Better Way to Live

Modern building techniques and materials are designed for efficiency in production not efficiency in the maintenance of your health and well-being. A home should be a non-toxic environment where you can relax and prosper. In order to do this, deep consideration must go into every single element of the homes placement, design and every material or object that goes into or on the walls, floors, ceilings and exterior. Freedom Builders is on a mission to be one of the most sustainable and green home builders in the world. Great care is put into incurring that every home or commercial building that we build is as natural in its space as the trees and earth that stood there before it. Given that we have complete control over every aspect of the material manufacturing, design and building process, We are able to apply our principles and design methodology in every stage of the building process. The end product is a quality, natural and sustainable home that will last for multiple generations.

Part of a Complete Solution

Freedom Builders does not build on the Grid homes. For every home we develop we identify an individual and distributed source for every life sustaining system in the home. Alternative electricity, well based water, Localized sewage treatment and gray water recycling, Food growth and storage and full system monitoring and automation are all considered in the development of a Freedom Builder home. As an off-grid home builder, our responsibility is to jump start all the systems that allow our home owners to serve all of their essential needs within their own environment. A Freedom Builder home is not just a start of a better way to live but also the start of an empowered lifestyle of Freedom that will change our home owners lives and the trajectory of their future. In addition, Freedom Builders offers maintenance and service plans to assist home owners in insuring that systems run as intended and training programs to assist home owners adapt to their self sufficient lifestyle. This unique differentiation means that we have very few limitations as to where we can build your home.

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Muhyideen Johnston
Master Builder

Division Focus: Building Material Production, construction and design of luxury off the grid single and multi-family homes, construction and design of off the grid commercial and public buildings

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