What is Freedom Citizenship?

The Freedom Nation has been built to be the perfect partner for those who know that a better life can be achieved when you are in control of your life and your community. To this end:

All Freedom Nation services are available to FREEDOM CITIZENS ONLY!

What is a Freedom Citizen?

A FREEDOM CITIZEN is someone that the Freedom Nation has partnered with to help them realize their dreams of Freedom.

On a personal level Freedom Citizens have access to:

  1. 0% Financing with extremely low down payments on land, building supplies and real estate in Freedom Villages throughout the world
  2. A personalized Freedom transition Plan and dedicated Freedom Coach
  3. Exclusive access to Freedom Nation events and classes as part of the Freedom Family

But Freedom of self requires the ability to be free of depending on others for your earnings as well.

That is why Freedom Nation also acts as a project manager and funder to our citizens helping them

on a business level to:

  1. Establish or expand their local and international business by accessing Freedom Nation’s established low cost and high quality suppliers, setting up facilities and finding and sharing customers and partners
  2. Access to unique business opportunities in and outside of the Freedom Nation through detailed analysis and on the ground execution
  3. Co-financing, creative staffing, use of Freedom Nation facilities and staff for administrative and concierge and family relocation services

Citizenship is all about FIT so… This is a CURATED COMMUNITY.

That means that a person can apply for Citizenship, but only other citizens can make you a citizen. Once you apply for citizenship another citizen must choose to be your sponsor. Through this we build an excellent community.

Your sponsor is there to provide support and a strong connection to someone trying to achieve the same dream as yourself.

Simple Sign of Conviction

Freedom Citizens are people committed to their Freedom. As an initial matter of conviction we ask that all Freedom Citizens pay a small monthly fee to retain the benefits of the Freedom Nation.

Freedom Citizenship is $25/mo or $250/yr to maintain active citizenship and access to all products and benefits of the Freedom Nation.

Once you finish your application a Freedom Citizen Liaison will contact you to ensure that you receive everything you need to start your path to Freedom.

We look forward to talking to you soon.

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