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Building Supplies
– American Hardwoods
– Structural Lumber
– Wood Flooring
– All Wood Cainets
– Custom Wood Furniture

– Handmade Clay Tile
– Handmade Clay Sinks
– Handmade Clay Roofing Tiles

– CSEB (Compressed Stabilized Earth Block)
– Cast Rolled Glass
– Natural Paints
– Earthen Plaster Mix
– Earthen Mortar Mix
– Earthen Cement Mix

MSDS (for export)
American Hardwoods
– Structural Lumber
– Wood Flooring

– American Hardwoods
– Structural Lumber
– CSEB (Compressed Stabilized Earth Block)
– Cast Rolled Glass
– Wood Flooring

– Clay Tile
– Clay Sinks

Build on Any Lot

Given that Freedom Builders is an off-grid builder from materials found on the build site, the sites that we are able to build on are almost endless. Whether your build site be in the mountains of Montana or the deserts of Nevada, the open fields of South Africa or the open ranges of Romania, most likely Freedom Builders can build beautiful, professional homes in that area. However, there are some limitations to where we can build. Every new project starts with a full assessment to determine:

Pre-Building Assessment Factors

Access to water

Zoning laws and restrictions

Clean title with no leans or loans

Amount of sunlight

Soil make-up and composition

Accessible roads

Available materials

Stable land

Size of build-able plot

Access to communications

Custom Design Services

The design process is initially, a rewarding part of working with Freedom Builders. Our master builder starts by sketching your ideas with a pencil and paper until a basic visual is established. This is intimate start is the foundation that our skilled architectual drafters use to create to scale 3 D drawings and plans that consider everythign from the orientation of the house to the flow of the sewage treatment system. The entire time, the customer is deeply involved as we share our work on our private cloud-based file sharing system with the client and anyone they wish to share with. The finish result of our design process is submitted for proper approval and liscensing to the authorities in the locale of the building site

Our Design Process

Custom All Wood Features

As a company born in the United States of America, wood is an abundant and renewable resource that is native to our home. Our staff has over 50 years of combined knowledge in the building and assembly of wood products. With an additional 20 years of kitchen design, installation and cabinetry making, Freedom Builders specializes in manufacturing custom high quality  all wood cabinets and counter tops and hardwood flooring.

Our Design Process

Custom Furniture

Upon requests our craftsman can create one of a kind wood furniture to accent any home or to fulfill the needs of any designer or developer. In most cases, Freedom Builders utilizes age old wood joinery techniques to design and build rustic American Furniture. These high quality pieces are meant to last for generations. In addition, our sister staff at Freedom Makers can craft upholstered furniture upon request.

Custom Furniture Portfolio

Custom Flooring

Base floors in a Freedom home are typically compressed and made of stained earthen cement . Stains come in many colors to offer a variety of finishes and patterns for a durable long lasting floor. Second floors are typically hardwood floors. The materials used for the hardwood floor is dependent on the materials available on the lot. In addition custom tile flooring is almost always an option.

Custom Flooring Portfolio

One of a Kind Extras

Freedom Builders designs are inspired by a love for international culture and art. Alongside sending our staff to the corners of the earth to bring the best in construction methodologies into your home, we have also learned from some of the world’s oldest and greatest places for art and cultural flare. Expanding the use of local materials to the not so local artful design and craftsmanship. Each extra added to a Freedom Home is done so on a home by home, building by building basis.

Extras Portfolio

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