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Connecting and Automating the Free Lifestyle

Freedom Connect’s primary purpose is to provide a convergence of technical capabilities in order to increase the level of efficiency and transparency needed in operating ideal free environments. Freedom Connect is comprised of multiple holdings with unique offerings that align with Freedom Connects primary goal. The oldest of these organizations is GeniusCo. GeniusCo was the founding organization for Freedom Connect and the Freedom Nation. Yes, we started as an IT program and project management firm. With a background in program management excellence and systems implementation and development, Freedom Connect now lays the foundation methodology for executing the arduous and complex  task of building the ideal cities of the future.

20+ Years of Building Connections

GeniusCo is a 22 year old information and communication technology firm that has completed successful engagements in over 15 countries including China, Moldova, Romania, Kosovo, Egypt, Bosnia, Morocco, Senegal, Brazil, Malaysia, and the United States. Since 1998, the company has been lead by Chairman Faruq Hunter. GenuisCo has repeatedly been the first to engage in areas of technology and software development that have later become mainstream technologies. From developing one of the world’s first B2B e-commerce systems, one of the first CMS systems, from launching the very first coding bootcamp in the eastern United States and working to develop e-Government solutions in former USSR countries, GenuisCo has a history of analyzing the direction of the market and building companies and solutions that address those needs early on.

Part of a Complete Solution

Freedom Connect is part of the Freedom Nation integrated solutions for a Smart and sustainable future. As with all of our initiatives, Freedom Connect and its holdings are designed to provide the highest level of sovereignty and independence to the populations that we serve. At Freedom Nation, we see the connectivity of information as the key enabler of a long lasting free and empowered society. Through that consistent collection of data, automation of processes and the rapid access and exchange of data each citizen is able to make the highest level of informed decisions to operate withing the ideal self sustained society. Freedom Connect is the single instrument used by Freedom Nation to provide connectivity throughout the entirety of our ecosystem. In all cases, Freedom connect acts as an enabler of open exchange leading to empowerment of the local citizens in the spaces we operate.

Core Principles

Freedom Connect maintains a set of core principles in our efforts and engagements:

1- Process Efficiency

At our core we are process engineers and we work as such. The dedication of Freedom Connect is to only develop things
that are valuable to our end users.

2- Focus on Integration

The world in front of us is an integrated one. Freedom Connect embraces the most current technologies that insist on portability, modularity, and ease of integration. At all times possible we design and develop our solutions to interact with the world of connected data and devices.

3- Agile Delivery

We are dedicated to delivering in an iterative fashion in order to move at the speed of our changing world. We not only teach, implement and coach on Agile delivery processes for all Industries, we also follow our own methodologies in everything we do.


4- Digital Sovereignty

As a global partner and trusted adviser, Freedom Connect has a deep regard for digital sovereignty. Understanding the unique privacy needs of those we serve is of utmost importance not only when serving them, but also when developing solutions and implementing technologies.

Managing Director:

Mukhtar Jugger
Founding Member

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Division Focus: Automation, Smart Cities, Digitization, Data Exchange and Integration, IT Consulting, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Program and Project Management

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