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AI-Driven ‘Big Factory’ Sparks Revolution in Versatile Humanoid Robot Creation

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NVIDIA announced Project GR00T Foundation Model for Humanoid Robots and Major Isaac Robotics platform update

Home >> Industry >> Robotics >> NVIDIA announced Project GR00T... NVIDIA Project GR00T Foundation Model Isaac Robotics Platform Now Provides Developers New Robot...

AI fever takes over Davos pushing crypto aside as the new cool kid on the block

A pedestrian walks past the TATA pop up store with a poster reading ‘The Future is AI’ ahead of the World Economic Forum...

Kubota Concept Tractor Rides on Polished 24s Like a Cummins Brodozer

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ChatGPT Suggests Building Small Black Towns is the Quickest Way to Solve Systemic Racism

Given all the buzz around ChatGPT I thought it would be a great exercise to test the theories of the Freedom Nation and build...

Construction is Already Automated – Enter The 40 Ton Robot

There's nothing I enjoy more than telling our people about the advancements of the world that will bring about our ability to achieve absolute...

The Meta Verse is MUCH bigger than Facebook!

It's not the Meta Verse - It is the Multi-Verse and it will be powered by the Omniverse. Get in early on the company that will power the future. Watch NVIDIA's breakthrough 2021 annual address. The future of self-driving cars, Robotics, Real-Estate and much more is addressed in this keynote presentation.

Like It or Not, Automation Is Coming

Credit: Getty Images More than a century ago, the great composer John Philip Sousa worried about the future of his profession. He feared that...

AMD confirms ‘Nvidia killer’ graphics card will be out in 2020

AMD’s chief executive has confirmed that a high-end Navi graphics card will be released this year.In a video interview entitled ‘The Bring Up’...

In a rare move, Apple, Amazon, and Google just announced a major partnership

Amazon's latest Echo smart speaker. Amazon , Apple , and Google make competing smart-home speakers: the Echo, the HomePod, and the Home. ...

This Bricklaying Robot Is Changing the Future of Construction

Hadrian X and the FBR team on an outdoor build. Courtesy FBR. Brick is one of the oldest building materials, dating back to 7000...
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