A Private Freedom Citizen Owned and Governed Village

1.25 Acre Plots

150 Plots

Council Managed


A Black-Owned Village

Freedom Village Georgia is a 205 Acre Black Owned Town. With over 70 families owning land in the village, it is a developing town based on principles that promote and ensure healthy, peaceful and prosperous lifestyles for African Americans. From as far as California and New York, the citizens of Freedom Village I are a tight knit group of curated and vetted individuals who collectively are dedicated to taking control of their governance and their legacy. Mapping out “True Wealth” and “True Freedom” as the path for themselves and their children.



This is a growing and active community in its developing stages. There are families livign in the village and actively moving to the village with several active new home construction projects. Freedom Village Georgia I is striving to be the premiere village of its kind in the United States.



Custom Homes 0% Interest Financing


Freedom Builders Custom Home Kit is available for design customizations and elidgable for 20 year no interest in-house financing.

1.25 Acre Lot


Freedom Builders Custom Home Kit is available for design customizations and elidgable for 20 year no interest in-house financing.

1.25 Acre Lot


Freedom Builders Custom Home Kit is available for design customizations and elidgable for 20 year no interest in-house financing.

1.25 Acre Lot


No Interest & No Credit Check For Citizens

In the Heart of Georgia

Freedom Village Georgia is comprised of 80 1.25 acre lots, 40 acres of parks streams and common areas for food production, recreation and social interaction. The citizens of Freedom Village I are collectively investing in their own Micro-Grid for power, independent water sources, sewage system and Wifi Towers. A two acre logistics and fulfillment center is underway to utilize the villages strategic proximity to the world’s largest Airport and the East/West to North/South dry port in Atlanta, GA as well as the United States third largest port in Savannah as a n international storage and distribution center for black owned businesses.

A Hub For Agriculture

Freedom village georgia is blessed to have members of black agricultural movements as citizens and land owners in the village. in addition Georgia’s largest mushroom factories as well as hoop houses , permaculture an agricultural spaces are owned by Freedom Nation citizen Musa Hassan and his amazing Bread and Butter Farms. Bread and Butter Farms also operates the local southern food restaurant inside of the city that produces farm to table mills on a daily basis.


100% Citizen Governed


Citizen Elected Council and Communal Ran Elections

Freedom Village Georgia has held elections of its own council with election rules that were designed by an internally created committee. The council meets monthly to discuss rules and opportunities as well as growth of the Freedom Village.

Sparta, GA


Sub-Community Collaborative Building Projects

One of the unique features of Freedom Village Georgia is that is that there are sub communities that are self-organized within the village. Choosing to build collectively, subcommunities like The Grove are instrumental in the wolf and operation of the village.


Annual Fellowshipping Events and Communal Retreats

 Communities must conjugate and celebrate in order to in order to stay strong. Freedom Village Georgia citizens and other freedom nation citizens come together collectively on an annual basis to fellowship and build strong bonds.

A Historical Black County

Furthermore, Freedom Village Georgia is located in Hancock County, GA. The county is a historic birth place of many great contributors to black excellence in the United Stated. With a 90% black population, Hancock County, GA offers a persistent democratic platform for focusing on black related issues in every facet of government. 


The Freedom Nation promotes local political involvement in order to carry on the legacy of active black Americans who have let the charge to shape the political landscape of Hancock County. As an unincorporated segment of the county freedom Village Georgia actively coordinates with the efforts to expand the economy of Hancock County.

Over 100+ Plots

Freedom Village Georgia has been separated into over 100+ 1.25 acre plots that are reserved for various projects including farming, home building and light commercial. The village council has elected a permanent subdivision planning committee in order to liaison with all governmental zoning organizations in order to ensure that the intended use of the subdivision is constantly abiding by the rules and the laws of the state and the county. Lots are limited and after open sell will only be available for purchase through an existing citizen.

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Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

A Globally Connected Village

International capacity is at the heart of Freedom Village Georgia. The Citizens of the village are internationally recognized and connected via the Freedom Nation network of organizations and villages. Freedom Village is more than just a place to stay, it is an aspiring hub for international projects. The Freedom Nation staff and citizens of the Freedom Village work dilligently to open international supply chains and assign Free trade status to the village to make it a hub for business and food security.

Freedom Citizens Only

As with every service and development throughout the Freedom Nation the Freedom Village Georgia is available to citizens of the Freedom Nation only. Access to the village as well as the ability to live and to purchase land and homes in the village are limited to those applicants who are approved by their fellow citizens to be their neighbors in kind. As a core principle of the Freedom Nation the citizens holistically have the right to sponsor or reject any applicant. That means as a citizen you will always choose your neighbors.


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