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Description will allow users to identify products and then choose to add them to their inventory, add to a wishlist or ‘Make It!’. When a user chooses to ‘Make It!’, will access A.D.A.M. in order to identify the materials, tools and methods used to make that product and then allow the user the same options to add them to their inventory, add to a wishlist or ‘Make It!’. If the user chooses to make-it then it will create a folder for the product where the user can choose what he is needs to buy, needs to make and what he already has in order to achieve certain freedom goals (i.e. Water Freedom, Food Freedom, Housing Freedom, etc.).

The system will then provide an e-commerce functionality as well as a product referral functionality to offer the user the ability to buy the product from the e-commerce section or buy from an external site where is an affiliate. Once the user purchases from the e-commerce site then the item will enter their inventory. If the item is purchased elsewhere, then the user can manually say it is purchased and update their inventory. will also allow users to buy and learn from one another. will have the ability to allow each user to create a seller’s account where they can post products from their inventory, classes that they teach and socialize their wishlist to ask for help in fulfilling their needs. In this way, will act as does. Allowing users to post blog posts and sell their items through their profile. will also offer BI and Reporting Features. Reports that will be derived from the system:

  • Phased Planning of acquiring Wish List
  • Freedom Score – Based on the Inventory Folder and Wishlist, the report will offer a score for the % of items being brought versus those that are owned or being made.
    • The report will also inform the user of the percentage and aggregated percentage of the items in the folder that are owned or not owned to help him understand how close the user is to achieving his goal.

Hypothesis has the opportunity to revolutionize the way see acquiring their needs. By