Wednesday, February 28, 2024


Black People Coming Together – Building Multiple Communities in One Black-Owned Village

Today was magical. A group of us, coming together. Stretching, setting intentions, laughing, praying, learning, engaging and eating... All while watching a sustainable cuisine workshop while we build our eco village. Just magical. I love us.

Black Leaders Lead Efforts for Hancock County Urgent Care facility

SPARTA, Ga. — It's no shock to the people in rural counties that health care is limited. The drive to these services is not close. With small emergency medical units, little to no licensed counselors, and other basic necessities, it can be hard for the community to call for help when they are in need.

Black-Owned Fulfilment Center Signs Cooperation Agreement to Operate on Chinese Border

It might seem so far away, but the truth is more of the products used by black Americans come from Asia then we would...

How Black Americans and Africans Helped re-Build the Silk Road and Saved China

U.S. Army soldier and Chinese soldier place flags, road from Ledo, India, to Kunming, China, 1945 The Ledo Road, which was later renamed The...

Construction is Already Automated – Enter The 40 Ton Robot

There's nothing I enjoy more than telling our people about the advancements of the world that will bring about our ability to achieve absolute...

Honoring Dr. John McCown – Hero of Hancock County

We are Celebrating the life of one of Georgia's first black County Commissioners, Dr John McCown.  Dr. John McCown was a visionary who's life was...

How Russia controls energy in Europe

It was the father of the famous racist Koch brothers that taught Stalin how to sell Russian energy to the world. His hate for Russia's initiatives caused him to fund efforts against the black revolution. What is happening in Europe and Russia is key to what happens to you and me.

Mass Timber, Not Steel, Is the Future of Construction

Fire-blocking mass timber construction could bring millions of pounds of carbon absorption to cities around the world. Wooden skyscraper designs are trendy around the...

Scientists Bring Concrete To Life & It Might Be The Future Of Construction

Today in weird news we didn't expect to read: Researchers in Colorado have produced Franken-concrete. It's alive, and it may be the future...

Hotel developers are pushing this Lego-like construction trend

Built section-by-section in a factory, hotel units are shipped to a site and stacked, sometimes practically overnight. Photo credit: Guerdon Modular Buildings. Modular...

Intermodal Efficiency Boosts Savannah’s Container Volumes

Credit: Georgia Ports Authority / Stephen B. Morton The U.S. Port of Savannah moved 363,000 TEUs in November, a 5.4 percent increase over...
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