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There is a Black Mecca forming on China’s 20 Trillion Dollar New Silk Road

There is a Black Mecca forming on China’s 20 Trillion Dollar New Silk Road

Nur Sultan, Kazakhstan, Central Asia

Along the hills, in the mountains of the caucus, stretching from the historic city of Urumqi all the way down to the historical roads built by the Romans, there is a road that once was the absolute center of all trade in the world. The Silk Road as they called it, is the instrument that introduced China to Europe, Africa to China and blended the world’s nations into the outcome for which we see today.

The abandonment of that road signaled the growth of the European empires, the rise of colonialism, the establishment of the United States and what we know today and have accepted as developed nations. However, China, along with a majority of the previous colonized nations, have revitalize these historical centers of power and trade to re-establish themselves in a new era of modern technology and industrialization. In the center of this once historical and now monumental set of roads is something that was never there before, a town that is ready to be a haven for African-American entrepreneurs.

More than two dozen African American businessmen have visited and registered their businesses in Kazakhstan in the last five months. Kazakhstan is a country that is little known to most people in the United States. In most circles, amongst African Americans, not only is the name unknown but most can’t even pronounce it. So how is it that it is now coming to be known as a home for African American Businesses in Eurasia? In order to understand this, you first have to understand what the New Silk Road is and the significance of Kazakhstan in the future of the world

In 2013 President Xi Jinping traveled to Kazakhstan Nazarbayev University to announce the launch of what would become the project of the century. Over 20 trillion dollars invested in thousands of mega infrastructure projects would be launched by a single announcement in Astana, Kazakhstan. From New roads to modern highways, power stations to the largest fiber optic networks on the planet, from 5G networks to huge hydroelectric dams, some of the largest ports ever built in history including those on land as well as those at sea and some of the greatest construction projects known to date are included in what would be called the New Silk Road.

Since its inception the project has taken on a couple of different names. One belt one road and the Belt Road Initiative have all been the titles given to this enormous project that is the cause of Chinese businessman appearing in Africa throughout the other parts of Asia and throughout Europe. This single initiative is responsible for the rapid growth of almost every previously colonized nation in the world. None however are more significant than Kazakhstan

Why would the leader of one of the most powerful Nations on the planet Earth choose to start the project of the century inside of a country that most of us barely know anything about? The answer is simple, Kazakhstan is China’s greatest path out to the world from the West of China. From any map if you move your finger along a straight line to the West you will see the greatest amount of China’s western border against Kazakhstan.

To add to the significance of its location, Kazakhstan is the only nation where American, Chinese and Russian interest collide in a peaceful relationship with the nation’s leadership. Strategically, a designated autonomous business region known as the AIFC or the Astana International Finance Center, has been developed to provide the special circumstances needed to grow the region into a hub for modern international business.

It is in that hub that the first business center dedicated to US minorities has been established. Qosil, Ltd lays at the very heart of the New Silk Road. For the first time in history a special business center and autonomous business district is dedicated to servicing the needs of African American businessmen who are building a home for their interest in Eurasia.

“we share a common history of surviving the hardships of forced labor and coming out as winners” says one Kazakh business man. “You are our brothers and we we ready to stand with you in business and as neighbors.”

Qosil, Ltd offers a guided one stop shop to all of the services of the AIFC. African American businessmen are chosen by the group to visit Kazakhstan and in the course of one day, they provide everything they need to register their business, secure housing, secure office space, start their first deals, hire their first staff and receive a five year visa that can extend to forty years.

The AIFC provides the businessmen tax exemption for themselves and their businesses for 45 years, a legal sandbox to waive laws for innovative businesses, a British based legal center, international arbitration court, office space in one of the most advanced central and amazing structures in Asia, startup incubators and on-site regulators and courts in Central Asia’s premier financial center.

“Eurasia is a seller’s market. We have to shed the idea that Asia is only a place to go to buy things to take to the US. The true opportunity is to make a second home in Asia and create businesses to sell into Asia, Russian and European markets. Kazakhstan is the absolute best place for us to make this happen.” Managing Director of Qosil, Ltd.

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