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Construction is Already Automated – Enter The 40 Ton Robot

Construction is Already Automated – Enter The 40 Ton Robot

There’s nothing I enjoy more than telling our people about the advancements of the world that will bring about our ability to achieve absolute Independence and our thought and in building projects of the future. In that light I have been following robotics for more than 10 years and I am always amazed to see the advancements, not that are coming tomorrow, but the ones that we have and are here today. Enter Built robotics with their automated exoskeleton that they can put on top of any excavator and turn it into a 40-ton robot.


Started in 2016 after the founder operated an excavator for the first time in his life he created the first robot control mechanism within less than 6 months. Now they have a market available robot exoskeleton that can attach to any excavator from multiple vendors and work 24 hours a day towards doing things like grading trench digging  the foundations of homes and more without a single operator.


You might ask yourself how in the world do you come up with this kind of solution in 6 months. Well I’d like to demystify the entire robotic concept. Robotics is usually the combination of three key elements working in congress with each other. There is the mechanical element, the electrical element and the software element. In the case of Built Robotics, given that the excavator is a machine that has been developed and refined for more than 100 years the mechanical element of their robot was already at a state where it had reached an equinox of integration between its software elements electronic elements and mechanical functions.


What is missing from these gargantuan and refined machines was a robotic brain that was controlled by software. No different than putting a head on top of Ultron. What I mean by that, is that you simply need the eyes to see and then the brain to process the information that you receiving and the ability to process that information and give commands according to the information you received in the orders that you were originally given. This is what the robotics has built.


An elegant exoskeleton that serves as a head to an already well-oiled machine. Utilizing a very powerful computer and strong computer vision as well as other sensors the robotic attachment allows for the machines to be able to see and then to receive that data so that it can communicate the next actions according to the plans it has been given.


As awesome as it sounds that Built robotics has automated the task of initial construction projects they did not take the huge hurdle that many robotics developers take on when they build a robotic arm where they have to work out the mechanics in the electronics as well as the computer and the sensors.


What this means for us is that there’s plenty of room for rapid innovation in this space. A software company today can become the next major robotics company tomorrow without ever tackling the complexities of mechanical and electronical engineering.


So get sharp, push your children into computer engineering and start focusing on solving huge problems that will give us the ability to solve our huge problems. I am for one look forward to the day when the freedom nation is 100% automated on all of its key construction functions and building beautiful cities for black people as easy as switching on a computer and hitting enter.

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