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Why Kazakhstan – The New Silk Road

Why Kazakhstan – The New Silk Road

This is the first in a 9 part series of educational business programs that are hosted by Freedom Nation in order to gain a greater understanding asked the strategic significance of operating in Central Asia. As with all of our discussions, the focus is on the competitiveness of black-owned businesses.

In this first session, we will cover the Mega Project which is the new Silk Road also known as the BRI or Belt and Road Initiative. The new silk road project is the largest infrastructure project on Earth. Termed as the project of the century. It is a $20 trillion set of infrastructure and logistical projects that cover land routes and maritime routes that are both historical as well as highly significant in the modern global economy.

During this session, we will:

  1. Review a brief history of the Silk Road and a history of the current project.
  2. Review the progress of the project as well as the key components that are relevant to American business and to giving control and power back to black-owned business owners.

This series is designed to convey a multitude of information to assist black-owned businesses make decisions that increase their competitiveness by:

  1. reducing their costs
  2. giving them strategic and logistic advantages and
  3. increasing the quality of products and goods that they are able to produce for their customers.
  4. Increase access to international opportunities for sales and investment
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