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Black-Owned Fulfilment Center Signs Cooperation Agreement to Operate on Chinese Border


It might seem so far away, but the truth is more of the products used by black Americans come from Asia then we would like to admit. In actuality almost 80% of black owned product brands are made in Asia. In the long term it is necessary for us to try to focus more of this manufacturing energy back into the continent and into black owned manufacturing villages. But as it stands, having a deep and independent relationship with Asia and with its primary logistic partners is a necessity to the idea of our self-governance.

With the motivation of creating the independent logistics and trade channels for black-owned businesses, the Chairman of the Freedom Nation, acting as Managing Director for Freedom Nation subsidy, Qosil, Ltd,  and the Chairman of the Kazakhstan Postal Service have signed a multi-lateral cooperation agreement. The agreement allows the Freedom Nation subsidy to act as the official black-owned fulfillment center and last mile delivery coordinator for the country of Kazakhstan’s National Postal Service, with delivery to it’s neighboring countries throughout Central Asia and for inbound traffic from China. In addition, the cooperation agreement lays the framework for the establishment of the Extraterritorial Office of Exchange, within the premises of the Freedom Nation warehousing and fulfillment facilities by the Atlanta airport.

Kazpost and KFS (Black Owned Division of Freedom Nation) Joint Product Fulfilment Center on the Chinese Border

The agreement will also see the creation of a subsidy of the Freedom Nation to bear the name KFS. The acronym is short Kazpost Fulfillment Services (a black-owned fulfilment center) when operating in Central Asia. The agreement marks the beginning of the creation of a fulfillment Network owned and operated by the freedom Nation that allows Freedom citizens to manufacture and develop product in order to sell to the 340 million citizens of the United States as well as the 200 million citizens of Central Asia with preferred shipping and logistic rates.

Diagram of the KFS Joint Fulfilment Center

The landmark corporation deal has also authorizes the Freedom Nation chairman to act as a representative of the Kazakhstan Postal Service throughout Western Europe, Canada and South and Central America to facilitate the establishment of the ETOE in those countries.

Never has any black owned movement for self-determination and self-governance created unilateral and direct relations with logistic carriers on an international basis at this caliber. This critical move allows us to move product from China to the United States and back with a single tightly bound partner in full adherence of the local laws of each country and the unified terms of the United Postal Union, the international body of over 150 Postal Services.

Although this new agreement will benefit all Freedom Nation citizens, it is important to note that it offers unique opportunities to reduce costs and increase competitiveness while widening the customer base of Freedom Business Citizens. To learn more about citizenship in the Freedom Nation and to take advantage of the many agreements ad resources of the Freedom Nation, please visit https://www.freedomnation.me/apply

Faruq Hunter
Faruq Hunterhttp://www.freedomnation.me
Faruq Hunter is the founder of the Freedom Nation, an aspiring real-estate community development company providing development, financial tools, programs and services to streamline the development of environments of peace and prosperity for underserved communities on a global scale, Uniquely, the company is dedicated to embodying practices of fairness, equality, transparency and communal involvement as a part of its everyday operations and cultural DNA.

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