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Former Congressman Kwanza Hall Announces Run for Lieutenant Governor

March 15, 2022
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Former Congressman Kwanza Hall Announces Run for Lieutenant Governor

Former Congressman Kwanza Hall Announces Run for Lieutenant Governor

On March 7, former Congressman Kwanza Hall will qualify to run for Lieutenant Governor . Hall, the son of the late Leon Hall who served as Dr. King’s youngest lieutenant, previously served on the Atlanta School Board and on the Atlanta City Council. Congressman Hall was elected to Congress in 2020 to complete the term of his mentor, Civil Rights leader John Lewis, who passed away due to pancreatic cancer. His term concluded 4 days prior to the insurrection.

“I was there when the seeds of insurrection were being sown by Donald Trump and his supporters. I was in DC, on my way to visit the capitol, when the insurrectionists stormed the buildings, so I cannot sit idly by and watch Burt Jones and Butch Miller try to deny what happened, co-sign the Big Lie and overturn the election,” said Hall. He continued, “We have to move on from the 2020 election and focus on what Georgians need- better jobs throughout the state, academic freedom for our teachers and university staff; transportation and infrastructure improvements and to give every Georgian, no matter where they live in the state, the ability to earn a living wage and access to a hospital. Burt Jones and Butch Miller have had their chance to fix these issues; instead they are fixated on Donald Trump. Georgia needs a champion and I am running to be that leader of the Senate who will push legislation that moves all of Georgia forward.”

The campaign plans to announce its formal kickoff shortly.

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