Monday, May 27, 2024

Celebrate MLK with a Day of Service & Fellowship at the Freedom Village Georgia

The Grove at Freedom Village Georgia host their fourth Camp and Learn to commemorate the spirit of Martin Luther King's Birthday.


The super couple of the Freedom Village Georgia is at it again. In the efforts of David and Maria Muhammad to establish an effective welcome center for the Freedom Village Georgia they and their company I am Green along with the members of the Grove at Freedom Village Georgia are hosting the 4th camp and learn. This camp and learn has special value because it is to be held in January on Martin Luther King’s birthday to celebrate the spirit of service development and growth.

Previous Camp and Learns that were hosted by the power couple have aided in the development of the first structures at the Freedom Village Georgia. Albeit they are accessory structures, the couple and their team of volunteer workers have developed a space that was highly efficient in providing shelter and warmth for the freedom citizens during the last 2023 freedom experience at Freedom Village Georgia. The space is a project under development that is seeing great strides because of their constant commitment and ability to organize people to do for themselves.

Embracing the fellowship and the spirit of can do, the Grove that Freedom Village Georgia’s camp and learns are a place for people to experience what it means to live in a community of like-minded people who are focused on self-governance and Fellowship. It is a must-attend for anybody who in even the most remote corner of their mind, has considered moving into a sustainable village. In addition, all those who possess skills that are valuable to the attendees of the camp and learn are encouraged to register online and come to the camp and learn to share their knowledge and promote their individual initiatives.

You can learn more I am visiting the freedom experience page for the camp and learn.

Faruq Hunter
Faruq Hunterhttp://www.freedomnation.me
Faruq Hunter is the founder of the Freedom Nation, an aspiring real-estate community development company providing development, financial tools, programs and services to streamline the development of environments of peace and prosperity for underserved communities on a global scale, Uniquely, the company is dedicated to embodying practices of fairness, equality, transparency and communal involvement as a part of its everyday operations and cultural DNA.

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