Home Living Another major milestone towards black empowerment completed by Freedom Nation

Another major milestone towards black empowerment completed by Freedom Nation

Another major milestone towards black empowerment completed by Freedom Nation

In our continuous efforts to build a system for developing environments of peace and prosperity for underserved populations, we are proud to have reached yet another major milestone in our roadmap

The Freedom Nation is not just another movement to build black-owned towns or a single-black village. The Freedom Nation exists to create environments of peace and prosperity for disenfranchised persons throughout the world. We hold that, no task is more significant than returning self-governance to those who have been victims of colonialist systems. We believe that the time we’re Nation States must control their citizenry is rapidly coming to an end. We see this decline as an opportunity for rapid and radical modifications to self-governance and citizen-driven expansion of Network States.

The task of building such enormous environments, that stretch throughout the entire world, is a daunting one that requires an extremely consistently available and large number of resources as well as the ability to consume and analyze massive amounts of data. The process of identifying the opportunities and the resources that will help us to reach a goal so large and so overreaching does not exist in this day and time.

But we are committed to making sure it will.

The tools for Freedom Nation Citizens to expand the development of black-owned towns at an exponential and international method are being developed by Freedom Nation, piece by piece.

Such an undertaking is not an easy process. To put it lightly it involves taking all existing economic data, residential data, both local and international, and massive amounts of strategic data, geological data and political data, as well as massive amounts of census data and making them readily available through predetermined data models and visualizations and a simple interface that feels no different than playing a strategic video game.

We call this tool the Uhuru Empire Builder. And we have grand visions for what it means to our future.

Although it is still very early in the development of this massive undertaking, the Freedom Nation feels the need to share a clear road map with those who would benefit the most from the system development. The amazing thing is that some of the pieces in the road map have already been developed over several years of very dedicated work and investment. Freedom Nation does not believe that this undertaking can be completed in anything less than 10 years. Given the current amount of time that has been spent on creating some pieces, the total development time for such an undertaking is 15 years.

That timeline is not strange or abnormal for such an undertaking. The execution of this application is expected to cost over 10 million dollars and the robotics and logistics resources to cost over 40 million dollars. It is our plan to utilize profits from building houses for citizens and management fees for enhancing the profitability of black businesses in order to fund this undertaking.

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