Requirements for joining and staying in the freedom Builders free folks

Effective immediately the following requirements will be assessed for every individual intending to join the freedom Builders free folks.


The experience of recruiting independent builders in the freedom Builders cooperative has produced varying results based on a multitude of qualities and complexities found in the personalities and capabilities of the individuals that have joined the freedom builders. Initially, the concept was to identify individuals who could overcome the hurdle of working at 11 necessary to sustain their own production for the needs and their life. Most notably the needs of housing, growing their own food, providing their own energy and sustaining the hardships necessary to do so.

After a full year of recruiting free folks it has come to our attention that there are other social complexities to being able to not only sustain yourself but also to sustain your person throughout the process of building yourself up or any environment. The complexity of human beings means that the capability to do work is not the only variable that must be considered when identifying individuals that can be the Builders of a free and self-sustained environment. Within the book the principles of freedom people as a resource, are classified as complex resources for which can not only be measured by their physical capacity but also have to be measured by their metaphysical impact on the environment as well as other people. The conditions and rules set forth in this article are meant to better evaluate the metaphysical portions of humans as a resource for themselves and as members of the freedom Builders and free folks as the foundation of building Freedom villages.


The following requirements will be from this day forth ever standing and constantly reviewed in regards to any persons wanting to become a freedom Builder freefolk or to sustain themself as a member of the freedom Builders Co-op.


To labor in such a way that you are a completely self-sustained individual, fulfilling all of your needs by yourself, is difficult. In no way do we at the freedom Nation want to imply that choosing a life of self-sustainability is easy. In order to do things like build houses that are made up of thousands of bricks weighing at minimum 20 lb a piece takes an extensive amount of physical ability and capacity.

It is necessary for each individual that is to become a free Folk to pass and Excel in the field of physical labor. There are no shortcuts. The work that we are engaged in for ourselves is very methodical and Mathematics and its execution. It requires one significant action after another in constant repetition in order to achieve the goals of self-sustainability.
The romanticism of doing for self is far removed from the reality of the task. It is our desire, in all cases, to demonstrate and to expose the amount of work necessary in order to achieve the goal of self-sustainability. From the day that a free folk enters the free folk self-sustainability bootcamp they are ass to do acts of physical labor that requires their physical strength and stamina.

At all times while the free Folk is working to satisfy his own needs there is a constant review of the free folks capacity underway. At the moment Daddy freefolk becomes incapacitated and incapable of doing the work that is required to sustain himself he will have to remove his or herself from the free folks and find a means within our other programs to sustain his goal of self-sustainability within the freedom Nation.

Faruq Hunter is the founder of the Freedom Nation, an aspiring real-estate community development company providing development, financial tools, programs and services to streamline the development of environments of peace and prosperity for underserved communities on a global scale, Uniquely, the company is dedicated to embodying practices of fairness, equality, transparency and communal involvement as a part of its everyday operations and cultural DNA.

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