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In-House Personal Loans

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Get up to $400,000 in 0% financing to purchase land and build your forever home.

Freedom Citizens are provided in-house lines of credit in exchange for being involved in the design and planning of their ideal community. 

We Create True Generational Wealth.

Freedom Village Georgia i

Live in our premier black-majority development 45 minutes from Atlanta.

Experience the community

Join a Freedom Experience to fellowship with like-minded citizens of the Freedom Nation.


Receive 17% reduction on your down payment by pre-purchasing Freedom Credits.


Passively pay for your home and land with a fully automated business and guaranteed success.

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Featured Citizen Member: Rashad Ibn Abdul-Azeem

Born in Detroit, Michigan in 1982 in an open and diverse Muslim and world community setting. His family traveled much due to his father’s work. When stationed in Washington DC, wanting to be more involved Rashad helped establish a homeless shelter for Muslim families and a shelter for women called Companions of the Garden Shelter. Rashad and two other people helped to get employment, housing, and assistance to abused or needy Muslims all throughout the Maryland DC area.

Separating from the Air Force in 2007, he always sought to increase his contribution. In 2013 he joined with a Muslim Community effort to have a Muslim farm that produced Organic Pasture-raised and healthy meats for the Georgia Muslim diaspora. As well as establish a community that would serve the general protective needs of the community. Having grown in the Middle Georgia community and seeing the new converts, youth, and lack of Engagement into the broader local community Rashad sought to establish a community setting where both nature and productive Muslim contributions can come together in harmony to serve the public.

Access the community & financing from anywhere.

Use the Freedom Nation Citizen Portal to stay involved from anywhere.

Self initiate land purchases and financing

Start the home buying process

Monitor Freedom Credit savings

Access communal meeting schedule

Stay up on Communitty News and events

View documents and financing contracts

Vote on Communal elections

Plan your move into your home

24 Hour automated support assistant online

We aim to be highly responsive to your needs and requests along your journey

Community slack chat portal

Access all Freedom Citizens through Freedom Nation's always-on channels in slack

Dedicated citizen Liaison

From the first ay of your application a dedicated staff member is assigned

Monthly meetings

Every month there are several council and committee meetings to keep you invloved in the communitty building process

Black-Americans deserve a solution built with the their special needs in mind first.

Every person is different. The freedom nation recognizes that although unique and in some cases consistent, the specific needs of Black Americans can also be highly diverse. In order to accommodate these unique but similar needs the Freedom nation offers three forms of membership.  

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Lean more about citizenship.


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Join the Community

Roaming Citizens are citizens that would like to continue their daily life in their own environment but would love to be part of the Freedom Nation Community and participate in events and aid the development of the Freedom Nation as a whole.


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Live in the Community

Resident Citizens are citizens that want to live in the Freedom Villages or Freedom Houses. Resident Citizens are looking to buy real estate in the Freedom Nation and move their life into the village.



+ Roaming Citizen Benefits


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Build the Community

Business Citizens are the backbone of the Freedom Nation. Business Citizen commit to reduce their costs, and grow their business by utilizing, enhancing and becoming a part of our internationally and constantly expanding sourcing and fulfillment network.

+Resident & Roaming Citizen Benefits

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stay up to date with the status of the black owned towns &

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