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Building Supplies
– American Hardwoods
– Structural Lumber
– Wood Flooring
– All Wood Cainets
– Custom Wood Furniture

– Handmade Clay Tile
– Handmade Clay Sinks
– Handmade Clay Roofing Tiles

– CSEB (Compressed Stabilized Earth Block)
– Cast Rolled Glass
– Natural Paints
– Earthen Plaster Mix
– Earthen Mortar Mix
– Earthen Cement Mix

MSDS (for export)
American Hardwoods
– Structural Lumber
– Wood Flooring

– American Hardwoods
– Structural Lumber
– CSEB (Compressed Stabilized Earth Block)
– Cast Rolled Glass
– Wood Flooring

– Clay Tile
– Clay Sinks

On-Site Production of Clay Products

Clay is found in many parts of the word as an abundant resoucrce. In most cases, a build site will have some for of clay in the ground. Freedom Builders develops handmade clay building materials on the build site. From clay roofing tile to hand painted clay interior tiles and sinks, the Freedom Builders’ staff has travelled the earth to find the best practices and best methods to produce high quality products from a variety of clays.

The process, although slightly different for each product, starts out the same way. We identify the most suitable area on the site to extract clay. We analyze the copsition of the clay at various levels. This determines the need for processing the clay prior to its use. Once the clay is at the proper consistency, we apply over 25,000 lbs of pressure to rid the clay of any air pockets and to insure that it will hold whatever shape it is formed into. This added step of applying pressure insures high quality results that will lasts for a very long time.


Each Product Handcrafted

Clay is a product best shaped by hand. There is a kind of  pride and warmth that goes along with knowing that the products that surround you throughout your daily life were physically crafted by another person’s hands. Utilizing the hands of our skilled staff, Freedom Builders crafts clay products to precison standards. Trained in the land of the best clay tile makers on earth, Fez, Morroco, Freedom Builders achieves a balance between hand and machine task in the production of clay products. Using machines, only, to do the things that hands cannot.

All Natural Finishes

Natural Glazes and Finishes Made on-site

Stains, paints and glazes are made on-site from foliage, berries, fruits, clays and ash that are collected from the various stages in the production of other building supplies.  Not only does tis ensure the use of these products that would otherwise be wasted, but it insures that the tile that comes into contact with food and other internal home uses is made from safe materials.

Clay Products

Freedom Builders manufactures the following products from clay. We only produce these products locally and used them locally.

Hand Painted Clay Sinks
Interior and Exterior Floor Tiles
Hand Painted & Screen Printed Clay Tiles
Clay Roofing Tiles

Excavation Sites

Making use of limbs, foliage and sawdust

The majority of Freedom Builder’s sites used for excavation are transformed into lakes, ponds or underground facilities for structures. In many cases, Freedom Farms, the Agricultural arm of the Freedom Nation, utilizes the space to provide space for the cultivation of helpful animal life, such as Tilapia or Catfish for consumption by owners of the build site. In additon, Freedom Farms utilizes these lakes and ponds as a means to jumpstart and sustain the growth of edible plantlife.

Kiln Bi-Products

Making use of chared wood and ash

Due to Freedom Builders zero waste production processes, every part of the tree is used whether it is in its original form or modified by the introduction of heat or other natural elements. Our wood fire kiln process allows us to burn the smaller parts of the tree that would normally end up on the ground, as fuel for drying the wood. Once those select hardwoods are burned in the fire we utilize the ash to create biochar and wood charcoal. Biochar is used as a supplement in composting and agricultural processes run by Freedom Farms. Wood charcoal is a renewable source of charcoal that is used in Freedom Makers’ forging and foundry processes to produce steel and cast aluminum fixtures for furniture and the homes built by Freedom Builders.

Natural Treatments

Freedom Builders operates Freedom Labs in cooperation with the Georgia Institute of Technologies laser and Nano-Technology labs to produce a form of ionic silver for the treatment of bacteria and mold. Nano sized, industrial collodial silver contains only silver and highly purified water. There are no other chemicals used in the treatment of the lumber. This allows Freedom Builders to produce a 100% natural product with no foreign agents that can later cause harm to humans through structural or crafted applications of the lumber.

License, Certifications & Documentation

Freedom Builders trades American hardwoods under a Standard set of Grading Rules that have been accepted throughout the hardwood industry. These Rules were established over 100 years ago by the National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA) and provide consistency and a common language that both buyer and seller can work with to produce successful transactions over and over again.

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  • Treated Hardwood MSDS
  • Untreated Hardwood MSDS
  • Untreated structural lumber MSDS
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