Sunday, March 3, 2024

The Meta Verse is MUCH bigger than Facebook!


It’s not the Meta Verse – It is the Multi-Verse and it will be powered by the Omniverse. Get in early on the company that will power the future. Watch NVIDIA’s breakthrough 2021 annual address. The future of self-driving cars, Robotics, Real-Estate and much more is addressed in this keynote presentation.

Faruq Hunter
Faruq Hunterhttp://www.freedomnation.me
Faruq Hunter is the founder of the Freedom Nation, an aspiring real-estate community development company providing development, financial tools, programs and services to streamline the development of environments of peace and prosperity for underserved communities on a global scale, Uniquely, the company is dedicated to embodying practices of fairness, equality, transparency and communal involvement as a part of its everyday operations and cultural DNA.

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