Community Spotlight… Daarina Farooq-Jannah

March 15, 2022
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Community Spotlight… Daarina Farooq-Jannah

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Daarina Farooq-Jannah is an Atlanta-based floral designer and owner of Daarina Design Co. and Blourish, a luxury floral delivery service offering nationwide shipping.

Known for her passion to create beauty, Daarina’s brilliant floral designs will transform any occasion into a gorgeous experience.

A native of Houston, Texas and daughter of community pioneers Imam Eugene Farooq and Dr. Daaiyah Farooq, Daarina comes from a creative family of entrepreneurs and forward thinkers.

Her work has been featured on both local and national television, and she serves as the go-to florist in her local Muslim community.

In addition to her entrepreneurial endeavors, Daarina’s most important work by far is her role as a wife to Rashid Jannah and mother to their two beautiful children, Surah and Idris.

Her passion for creating beautiful experiences transfers to all areas of her life including home, family, and business.

Daarina can be contacted at www.Blourish.com , Social Media: @Blourish, text BLOOM to 404-737-0431.

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