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Black Owned Georgia Village Elects First Self Governing Council

Black Owned Georgia Village Elects First Self Governing Council
Black Owned Village Holds first Elections

Monday, September 26, 2022

On September 1st 2022 the black owned Village of Freedom Village Georgia elected their first Village Council. The election marks The Villages successful attempt at developing a self-governing body from their own inhabitants. the citizens of Freedom Village Georgia have elected four of their own members to serve as a Village Council and agreed to allow the council to select the village mayor in the first of their many Council meetings. The exercise was held in the most professional manners and has given a sense of pride and self-determination to a village of black Americans seeking to take control over the structures of their communities and the outcomes of the interactions.

In 2017 Freedom Village Georgia was originally founded by three brothers that desire to build a village for black Americans to realize self-determination and self-governance. Throughout the last 5 years, The Three Brothers vested and identifying the appropriate legal structure in order to develop such a community. Utilizing George’s condominium law, The Village was able to take a 205 acre portion of land located in Hancock County Georgia, and divide into 82 1.25 acre lots with planned roads, common areas and infrastructure for building homes.

In accordance with the condominium law, Freedom Village Georgia developed an association for the management of all common areas and general policies in regards to the land condominium. A special committee of volunteers from amongst the landowners was established in order to research and to construct the rules of the election process and the structure of the Village Council as a governing body over the association. After 6 months of diligent research and Town Hall meetings with the other landowners of the village, the special committee developed a comprehensive election process.

As a part of the established election process, the special committee on election procedures was dismantled at the end of their duties and the second volunteer elections committee was established to oversee the elections.

During the annual Freedom Village experience in Hancock County Georgia, nominees for the positions of Village Council were given 10 minutes to State their disposition on certain topics and answer questions from a gathering of Freedom Village citizens. After which, the presentations were recorded and placed in the public space for the citizens to review at their leisure (Freedom Village Georgia 1 2022 Village Council Election Nominee Presentations Full).Following the presentations, the election committee utilized an electronic voting method in order to solicit votes from the citizens of the village. Every citizen was required to validate their identification as well as their unique citizen electronic identification number in order to cast their vote for Village Council. Prior to the elections The Village support company had developed specific procedures and guidelines for online voting.

Almost 50% of all available citizens voted inside of the elections and four clear winners were established and order to create the Village Council. The results of the election were as such

Total Possible Voters: 51
Total Votes Counted: 22
Total Voter Participation: 43%
Total Vote Count:
Bro. David Muhammad – 18 Votes
Sis. Nina Shabazz – 18 Votes
Bro. Kareem – 14 Votes
Bro. Len – 13 Votes
Sis. Izegbe – 10 Votes
Bro. Jamal – 10 votes

Freedom Village Georgia is the first of the freedom Villages developed by the freedom Nation. Freedom Nation is a development company focused on building Villages that are self-managed and governed by its inhabitants. Freedom nation is especially focused on reducing the negative impacts of racial prejudice and legislations against black Americans. The outcome that is desired is that if black Americans are given the opportunity to govern and manage themselves then they will provide outstanding output to the society at Large while ensuring a peaceful existence for themselves and their families.

To learn more about the freedom Nation please visit https://www.freedomnation.me.

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