Building with earth is nearly as as man . It is a local and abundant material that is usually accessible to every land owner despite their region or climate. Starting in Columbia almost 60 yers ago, the Compressed earth block has emerged as a stable, strong and long lasting building material. Lasting up to 1,000 years by many estimations, A CSEB is a compressed earth block that has been stabilized with no more than 5% cement.

Using Georgia Soil, Freedom Builders has traveled to Auroville India in the summer of 2015 in order to study at the UNESCO chair for earthen building, The Earth Institute of Auroville, in order to become certified in the Architectural design of buildings that are built with CSEB, the production of CSEB with the Aurum Press 3000 and the design, building of Archs, Vaults and Domes. In addition, Freedom Builders is actively building a 3,000 square foot CSEB structure in Atlanta, GA according to Fulton County building Codes and the International building standards. The current project sources the material for the CSEB directly from the site of the building. This is a great time to learn this wonderful skill and how to make this abundant building material.

In this course you will learn:

  1. Recipe for earthen mortar
  2. Making a rammed earth foundation
  3. Protecting your wall from ground moisture
  4. Laying the first brick
  5. Brick Masonry techniques
  6. Understanding and laying proper bond patterns
  7. Tips and tricks for building a strong structure

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