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AUG 18 - AUG 21, 2022


It is beautiful to come to this point where we are electing the Village Council and Mayor of Freedom Georgia I. The election will be online and in-person but as always the energy, fellowship and community at the Freedom Experience is the refreshing event of our year. Don’t Miss Out!






Discover the benefits of being a Freedom Citizen

A 50% Reservation fee per person is due within 3 days of making reservation or the reservation is void.


The Freedom Experience is always amazing! It is a time when the citizens of the Freedom Nation come together to fellowship, inspect the progress of their freedom Nation, build industry and governmental relationships and plan the future. In our fourth year of the freedom experience we are having our first elections for Freedom Village I. As always there is an agenda that you see, extras you don’t see and magic that always happens when this curated community come together.

08/18 Arrival @ The Lodge

Settle in and have dinner while connecting to fellow citizens. It’s been a while so take the day to fellowship and connect.

08/19 Townhall Meeting

From housing to settling in to your property, nominations for upcoming elections, utilities and much more this will be a day of progress.

08/20 Election Day

Key and pivotal in our establishment of self governance. The election of our Villages leader promises to be monumental

FVGI first annual townhall meeting and elections TOWNHALL AGENDA

Download a Printed Version of the Town Hall Agenda

Please print a copy of the agenda and bring it with you if you would like to follow along. There will be minimal printed copies at the event.

– Communication Standards

– Citizen Dues

– Shared fees 

– Committee participation and event attendance

As we grow our citizenship our community it is important to understand the disposition that we have towards major political issues in the world as an organization. This agenda item will be a statement from the chairman of the Freedom Nation. In regards to our permanent public disposition towards political events that are both national and international. The statement will be focused on the reaffirmation of the peaceful disposition of our movement and our desire to build environments of self determination.

– 20/20/20 Financing Program

– Taking advantage of Existing street Frontage

– Freedom Builders Pre-Fab Homes and builder certification

– Payment plan and delivery schedules

– October 2023 Move-ins 

– Hancock County New Zoning Laws

– Private Road usage in subdivisions

– Existing Street Frontage and Homes  allowed

– Subdivision laws and proposing mixed-use subdivision for 2023

– Land covenant and taxation restrictions

– The fine line of what can be bult without changes to regulations

– Contruction permits, Do’s, Cant’s, & Tree removal.

– Completion of freedom plans. In order to schedule realistic move in dates and identify true opportunities within the village for its inhabitants.

– US Mail Boxes Location out front.
– Building Materials, The use of Freedom Nation Equipment.
– New Security Gate @ Main entrance (w/🔐or 🔑Pad)
– A Road Light @ Main Entrance.
-.Open Fire regulations
– Disposal of trash & debris rules and regulations
– Noise, compliance hours.

– We will draw straws and allow only 5 minutes for each nominee to present their qualifications and case for becoming a council member. 

Each member of the election committee will ask a question of the nominees and each nominee will be given 3 minutes to answer.

There will be NO extensions given to time. – Please come prepared

We will discuss the appointment of members to special committees and how the process will take place. It is important to understand that the special committees report to village Council and it is the village council’s the job and right to nominate members of the special committee in the means and fashion they see fit:


Here are some of the committees that have already been proposed:


– Security Committee

– Infrastructure Committee

– Special Programs Committee

– Village Planning Committee


– Freedom Nation Infrastructure investment platform
– Internet Services at the village
– Water services and well digging
– Electricity services (temporary and long term)
– Guest visitor registration
– Storage Containers for long term and short term storage and designated areas
– Paving and covering roads and village drainage systems (this is an on-going program that needs to begin)

For families that would like to occupy the Freedom Village, Georgia, prior to the. Development of their lots or their homes. There has been a. Temporary space dedicated at the top of the property, past the main entrance. In that area there is available water, electricity and other facilities, however., the area has strict rules for use as well as share cost that must be obeyed in a hereto prior to coming into the area. This part of the town hall meeting is dedicated. To communicating these rules and regulations and the limits of the space.

– Bridges over washed out river areas

– Clearing roads to allow for and access

– Future road design, costs and internal costs and functions for the village

– Wild life and Hunting compliance.

– Target Practice

– Open Carry 

– Addressing Security Threats

– Formal vendor registration process

– Licenses and guarantees

– Insurances and Bonds

– Citizen first model


Single Occupancy

$ 950 / Room
  • Queen Bed Room on 1,2,3 Floor
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Everyday

$500 Reservation fee is non-refundable 

Room is transferable

Only 10 Rooms Available

Double Occupancy

$ 475 / Bed
  • Single Queen or Full Bed in a shared Room
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Everyday

$500 Reservation fee is non-refundable 

Room is transferable

Only 12 Beds Available


Dining & Shared Costs

$ 200 /Attendee
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Everyday

Dining & Shared Costs

$ 300 /Couple
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Everyday

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