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Atlanta-based off-grid construction firm sponsors first place house in Africa’s first international building challenge

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Benguir, Morocco

In a show of true craftsmanship and innovation, atlanta-based construction firm, Freedom builders, and their sponsored team, Interhouse, took the first place prize for overall most sustainable and climate appropriate home in Africa’s first International building challenge. The solar decathlon Africa has been sponsored by the King of Morocco following the country’s endeavors in building the world’s largest thermal solar plant and playing host to the United Nation’s climate change conference, COP22, following the Paris climate deal.

The US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon Africa brought teams from around the globe to compete on how to best build sustainable and climate friendly homes for Africa’s future development.The U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon is a collegiate competition, comprising 10 contests, that challenges student teams to design and build highly efficient and innovative buildings powered by renewable energy.

The winner is the team that best blends design architectural and engineering excellence with innovation, market potential, building efficiency, and smart energy production. Since the first competition in 2002, the Solar Decathlon has expanded internationally to include competitions in Europe, China, Latin America and Caribbean, the Middle East, and Africa. 2019 marked the first time that this competition was held on the continent of Africa.The win comes as a major boost of acclimation for the building process that is unique to the atlanta-based firm, Freedom Builders.

The construction of the building utilized a new form of material called CSEB or Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks. Freedom builders is the largest manufacturer of this material in the eastern United States. Using 95% raw materials that are found in the state of Georgia, this innovative and sustainable building block has been manufactured by the company since 2016.

“Although we did not invent the CSEB, our company is unique in the fact that we traveled to over 10 different countries to consolidate knowledge on the material and bring the best practices for its production and use in construction projects to the Eastern United States.” Said Muhyideen Johnston, General Manager of Freedom Builders.

“Our blocks are especially friendly to the environment because of the minimal amount of energy used in their production and given their composition we are able to use materials found at our construction sites in order to produce the main building block for the homes we build”

Freedom Builders worked closely with the inter-house team on every aspect of design and construction of the winning home. The team was comprised of students from the University of Mines in Colorado and students from the Cadi Ayyad University in Morocco.

For over 18 months Freedom Builders dedicated staff to consulting the team on proper use of the material and construction best practices. In addition, two members of the Freedom Builders team joined the construction team on the ground in Morocco and provided real time consulting and hands on labor throughout the construction process.”I think that it is nothing less than historical that we are manufacturing brick to build houses in the US and in the continent of Africa.

The win in Morocco is acknowledgement of the value of our knowledge and our products. It is something that I hope will transfer back to Atlanta as we use George’s raw materials to build beautiful homes for people in our own state.” Muhyideen Johnston added.Freedom Builders currently is developing and designing over 700 homes to be built in the opportunity zone of Hancock county Georgia on a 205 acre master designed community. The company plans to use the same materials that won in Morocco to build sustainable and climate friendly homes in Georgia.

About Freedom Builders
Freedom Builders is a 100% minority owned building firm based in Atlanta Georgia. Freedom Builders is the largest producer of compressed stabilized Earth blocks or cseb in the eastern United States. They are also the only minority company in the country that designs their own homes and manufactures the building material used to build the homes. More information about Freedom Builders can be found at http://www.freedomnation.me/builders

Photo credit: Freedom Builders
Photo Description: Freedom Builders General Manager, Muhyideen Johnston and CSEB specialist Hassan Qaseem work to build a home for the Solar Decathlon Africa

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Make your Minecraft design a reality. Freedom Village Minecraft Village Design Competition.

We build with blocks! And in Minecraft so do you. There are several buildings that we will have to build over the next 10 years while constructing the Freedom Village. Everything including parks, houses, hospitals, movie theaters, etc. This is your opportunity to take part in the design of the town of your dreams.

Growing up in the freedom labs, there is not a day that goes by that one of my wonderful daughters does not come to me with a design for a house that they would like to build in real life for which Minecraft has afforded them the ability to visualize. Even at 9 and 10 their ability to put block upon block and design the houses of their dreams is a reality that is made real by the simplicity of the gameplay in Minecraft. And what amazes me about the Simplicity of Minecraft is that structurally we build with blocks and bricks in real life. The marriage is evident.

So it’s time to collectively and socially begin designing our very real future together. When was the last time that your young child especially those in underserved neighborhoods, were able to design buildings that a real construction company was committed to build? Well, if it sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, it is.

We are seeking for the collective community to design real buildings, parks and structures to be built in Freedom Village. Freedom Village is a Master Designed Community built by African American Founders for over 600 families. The project is fully funded and currently the first home under construction is set to be the largest home in all of Georgia. Freedom Village Georgia the first in several International towns to be built by the Freedom Nation.

There are few differences between the great buildings that you are able to construct in your Minecraft game then what we are able to construct in real life in the Freedom Village. That being said we would like the opportunity for everyone to get involved in designing the structures inside of the Freedom Village. There is no limitation to the amount of structures that are needed to build an ideal Village or small town. From City centers to houses single-family Bungalows, Villas, Apartments, etc. So get to designing and sharing.

Here are the rules.

How to enter:

Go to http://www.freedomnation.me/apply and complete your Freedom Citizen Profile. When completing the profile be sure to upload your files and include any links to your Minecraft world in the field for links. Lastly, choose the ‘Minecraft competition’ in the programs field.

If you have previously competed a citizen profile then email your submission to [email protected]. Please reference the email in your citizen profile when doing so.

How to Win:

All designs will be socialized on our Facebook pages and the winner will be chosen by the amount of likes and comments on their designs. You will be tagged on Facebook and it is partially up to you to share and promote your post when we make it.

What you Win:

We will professionally refine your design design and build your building in real life in Freedom Village. We will also name the design after you and place it in the Freedom Builders design repository to be built in other villages around the world.

How many people will win:

There will be at least three winners in the categories of residential design, co-housing, commercial, industrial and public facilities.

1-2-3 Let’s build our own city!!

About Freedom Village Georgia

Freedom Village-Georgia is a 205 Acre Maker’s town built exclusively for makers, innovators, artists and creatives. 1 hour from the 3rd largest airport in the US and the busiest airport in the world, Freedom Village is set in a county that has created the legal leeway that makers need to live a lifestyle of experimentation, growth and freedom. Currently under active construction, the entire town produces its own food, electricity, water and natural gas on an internally developed distributed energy production Smart Grid and with 25 acres of Organic farms and ranches.

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Skills and Careers for Living a Self Sustainable Life – Off Grid

The Official List from Freedom Nation

Recently while doing a search for off-grid self sustainable skills and professions I came up empty handed. It seems as though noone has made a distinct list of the skills that you will need to take care of yourself or the careers you can go into that would compliment a self sustaining lifestyle. Well, that doesn’t work for us. Through much research, Freedom Nation has compiled this list of Self-Sustaining Careers and skills so that you can plan your future and that of your children towards a life of self-sustainability.

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