Freedomizer: Sharing efforts of those developing freedom on an individual, family, city and country level.

Freedomizer is a collection of stories  in developing free internal environments for single individuals, communities, towns, cities, Providences, counties, states and countries. Based on “The Principles of Freedom” everyday Freedomizer curators scour the internet to find compelling and meaningful media – stories, information and graphics that catalog the efforts of those who work to develop freedom. Organized by the commitments of freedom, Freedomizer seeks to provide practical examples for all those who want to develop their internal environment to a haven of freedom and prosperity.

“Complaining without offering a solution achieves nothing!”

Stories found in Freedmoizer are compiled by category in order to make the stories easy to access by readers. However, much of the content is neither the property nor the original works or writings of Freedomizer or its staff. All stories posted on Freedomizer are public domain, Creative Commons or similarly licensed. Readers are free to share and re-post any content found on Freedomizer as long as they reference the source of origin.

As a service of the Freedom Nation, Freedomizer acts as a hub for research and knowledge share and whenever possible a physical bridge. To learn more about the programs featured on Freedomizer please visit Freedom Commons at To see trips that have been planned to visit the programs featured on Freedomizer please visit Freedom Connect at

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